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Technology innovation holds high hopes for individuals and businesses. Market leadership comes to those who make technology serve their ongoing transformation and thus, create more rewarding experiences for their customers and themselves. ISDC masters technology and makes it pleasant for you to experience the full journey from idea to value.

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ISDC engineers for organisations that believe in transformation and supports them in realising innovation for themselves and their customers, this very instant.


Asset Management

Online Trading System
Highly intuitive, personalized,
secure web application
Integration of various
interactive financial websites
and marketing tools
Live in 6 months


International Banking

Transaction Portal / Position Dashboard
Integrated datawarehouse and web portal for bank clients
Full-blown, easy to view & manage product & transaction info
Live in 8 months



Massive geographical calculations
Global and local user
generated web content,
cross-linked & categorised
35 e-commerce sites & a total
of 35 million pages
Updated pages reached top 3
in Google ranking in the first
2 weeks of deployment
152% increase of online bookings



Fully modernized policy administration application
Fit for data and processing intensive applications
High degree of interoperability based on SOA



Online health portal with
mobile self-tracking combined
with preventive corporate
health management
Integration of multiple health
apps for Android and iOS
Multitenant, SaaS-ready
collaboration platform
1 year after launch, cca. 75.000 employee benefited from this solution


Digital Asset Management

Invoice classification &
interpretation in 2 months
Integration of existing services
with structured, unstructured and external data and machine learning
Proof of Value built within 3 weeks/± 200 hours



Multichannel platform in the
IBM cloud for brokers and the
direct channel (private clients)
that integrates a standard
back-office policy solution
with a front-end portal
Functional changes are
implemented in days instead of months
Response time is improved from minutes to seconds



E-campus platform with
mobile connectivity
Dynamic communication platform
for students and teachers with
extensive, interactive and instant
info broadcasting
Optimization of call center costs


Exam Logistics

Universal test delivery
platform with online exam booking
and payment administered
through a secure browser for
20 different locations
Electronic assessments with
immediate feedback
Max. 2 months time-to-market



Contactless self-tracking of vital signs (breathing and heart rate) via iPhone and iPad
Extension of mobile app with historical data and graphics
Reached #1 in the Apple Store in the Health&Fitness category

From a handful of people, we have grown to more than 300 colleagues. Our story reads beautiful challenges, high hopes, long lasting friendships, daring projects and great team spirit. We believe in top performance with a touch of fun.


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